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Quiz Maker App For Mac Pro


1. Easy Test Maker

  1. Various question styles available
  2. Multiple question formats can be placed in a single test
  3. Tests are saved online for access anywhere
  4. Some question formats allow for more than one correct answer
  5. Automatic numbering adjusts itself when questions are deleted or reordered
  1. Does not create online tests
  2. 25 test limit per teacher account
  3. Formatting quite bland on the free version
  • Automatically generates alternative versions to reduce cheating
  • Export to Word or PDF to print
  • Spell check
  • Bold, highlight and italicize words
  • Insert graphics
  • Online tests with automatic grading
  • Set time limits for tests
  • Print individual graded tests

2. iSpring Quizmaker

  1. A wide selection of question types, including drag-n-drop
  2. Configurable question point values and time limits
  3. Receive quiz results via email
  4. Include video, audio, images, and formulas in a question
  5. Multiple options for attractive formatting
  6. A branching option
  7. Conversion to HTML5, Flash, SCORM and other formats
  8. Tests can be taken on various devices, including smartphones and tablets
  1. The trial version places a watermark on published quizzes
  2. Software must be downloaded
  3. The free trial version is 30 days only

3. Go Conqr (formerly Exam Time)

  1. Over 3000 resources already uploaded
  2. Direct message other users
  3. Groups allow for idea and information sharing and a platform to ask questions
  4. Fill in the blank questions can be completed using a drop-down menu, drag and drop or text
  5. Students can create study plans
  1. Users are limited to three subjects
  2. All uploaded resources are public
  3. Resources are crowd-sourced and not moderated so quality is not guaranteed
  4. Ads can be distracting
  • Create private resources
  • No ads

4. Class Marker

  1. Questions can be selected at random from a bank of questions
  2. Images and other files can be embedded
  3. Various languages offered
  4. Questions and tests are automatically organized for ease of reference
  5. All results are saved as the test is taken, so if a student closes their browser, they can log straight back in within 20 minutes and ClassMarker will allow them to resume the test. You can also set the test to ‘save results and finish later’, so they can come back anytime to finish the test.
  1. Free version has text ads
  2. Creating questions is a slightly tedious process.
  3. Internet access required for test making and taking
  4. Free version can only save 100 results when tests are taken via groups and not via a link
  5. Only multiple choice, true/false, free test and grammar questions available
  • Provide certificates
  • Email results
  • Upload images or files

5. Quiz Works

  1. Questions can have multiple correct answers
  2. Quite a few options for customization and branding
  3. Publish quizzes on your own website or blog
  4. Interface is appealing for children
  1. Takes a little more time to learn how to take full advantage of all the options.
  2. Quizzes sometimes have trouble loading.
  3. Interface may not be suitable for older learners
  • Online technical support
  • Unlimited questions in each quiz and more content
  • Rankings and statistics

6. Help Teaching

  1. Aligned to Common Core
  2. Bank of worksheets to download
  3. Bank of questions to add easily to your own test
  4. Embed maths equations
  1. Printable tests only
  2. Maximum of ten questions per quiz
  3. Limited formatting options
  4. Tricky to find value if you are not based in the U.S.A.

Quiz Maker App For Mac Download

  1. Unlimited questions
  2. Access to a library of images
  3. Create online tests and lessons using Test Room

7. Pro Profs

  1. They have a blog with great ideas and tips
  2. There are various support options including email and live chat
  3. Site navigation is fairly clear
  4. Feedback occurs after each question to enhance learning during the test-taking process
  1. Lots of advertising on the site which can become distracting
  2. Not a dedicated education tool, so it takes some extra thought
  1. Unlimited quizzes and attempts
  2. Reporting and tracking
  3. Polls and surveys
  4. Add various media including videos and PowerPoint

Quiz Maker App For Mac Windows 10

  1. Question bank
  2. 500 MB storage

8. Poll Maker

  1. Polls can be shared on various social media platforms
  2. Various themes to choose from and customize
  3. Enable or disable comments
  4. Choose if and how results are displayed
  5. Limit the number of times an individual takes a quiz
  1. This is not really intended to be an educational tool so the options are fairly one-dimensional
  2. Limited question types

9. School House Technologies

  1. 13 types of questions including checklists, tables and diagrams
  2. List style questions can be set to prompt
  3. Assign level and category filters for ease of reference
  4. Add or remove questions with a checkbox to personalize tests
  1. Apple/Mac users must have a PC emulator
  2. Printable tests only
  3. Software must be downloaded
  • A built-in question bank
  • Find and replace functions
  • Question randomization

10. Articulate Studio

  1. The media includes photographic and illustrated avatars and the ability to insert various forms of media, including video recorded from your webcam
  2. Create graded, survey or free-form questions
  3. Question styles include hotspot and sequence
  4. Quizzes can include animations and transitions
  5. If you are a Windows user, the interface is incredibly easy to use
  1. Free version is a 30-day trial only. The full software product must be purchased for $1,398
  2. Suitable for Windows computers only
  3. Functionality only truly useful if used alongside the rest of the Articulate suite
  4. There have been reports that the support is not efficient




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